From the west coast USA to Valencia


Multiple locations in the Midwest and distributing veneers throughout the US. We became a major veneer manufacturer for Californian Walnut burls.

Walnut Burl


Outsource cutting in three factories places Eurogroup Belcaire in the lead being the largest Burlwood producer in the world.

Factory Valencia


Wood veneer panels, automotive layons “fixmass” opens giving us “in house” control of technically cut veneers to apply in automotive, aeronautical, nautical and architectural applications.

Walnut Burl


Prefabricated, engineered veneers opens the ability to create every design imaginable with using the most sustainable woods on the planet.

Walnut Burl


Moving to Spain.. With an office and warehouse in Valencia, Spain it was strategic in placing us in the middle of the European veneer market.

Valencia, Spain


We stopped outsourcing our production and built one of the largest manufacturing plants for Burlwood veneers.

Eurogroup Factory


The veneer coloring division opens. Our freedom to create any color plus smoking with any wood veneer.

Colouring Plant