Modern Factory

We are one of the most modern factories in the world having all of our waste systems eco-friendly. We have recently set up two smoke stack scrubbers that emit water vapour while trapping the harmful carbons and ash.

All water systems are working within different recycling systems to make sure of water savings while curbing any water disposal into sewer systems.

Also and of course we recycle. If you have any questions on the above please forward to;

Engineering Sustainability

Eurogroup Sustainability

Engineering Sustainability

Our engineers at Eurogroup Belcaire are of the ‘We can build anything’ mentality. From an idea and a simple plan written on a napkin we can devise technical drawings and make the vision a reality.

Engineers working with the most advanced technologies today will sustain our business for tomorrow.

These technologies create efficiencies in our productions that protect our environment while creating a competitive business which can extend to future generations