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Eurogroup Belcaire


ISO Certification Renewed

October 22, 2013

We have been successful in maintaining the ISO 9001 certification from 2008 to current our commit works diligently in assuring that quality processes are maintain once we have an approved product by our customer.

ISO Certification

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Business Jet Interiors International

March 11, 2013

Ask us about the finest exotic wood veneers in the world!

We look forward to meeting Aircraft interior designers from around the world and to discuss our exciting wood technologies.

Dyed, Colored veneerssmoking and/ or coloring of your woods is available if you have veneer that needs a change in color just ask us! We can make any color you like!

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Coloured Veneers

Pre-Dyed Colored Veneers

March 6, 2013

From our new factory in Valencia Spain, a modern veneer peeling and slicing plant, comes our wonderful variety of dyed colored veneers. The in-house facility enables us to offer custom colors to our customers specific requirements along with an exciting range of veneer stock.

In this division of our company we can take any type or species of wood and turn it into any color imaginable. We can take what used to be considered old and traditional types of veneer like cherry and oak and turn it into the modern colors it needs to be to work with today’s decorative materials.

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